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All of the training at Egghead is performed by the owner, and training is one of the big areas where I separate myself from the competition. 

Unlike most of the competing computer "nerds" or "geeks" who have little or no experience in training, I have over 4 years of experience as a trainer.  I can relate to you whether you have a lot of experience with computers, or none at all.  Through the use of metaphors and diagrams, I can make the most complex jobs and concepts seem simple.  I also have extensive experience with documentation from my Quality Assurance background, so if you don't really want to know all the details but want to have a way to do certain jobs, I can document each task step-by-step.  In addition, I provide training to small groups for the same rate as I charge for individuals.  No matter how many people you get together, the rate is still billed per hour, not per person per hour. I also have recent experience working with senior citizens and can provide references on request.

For a brief history of my job experience, continue reading.

For years I ran what my previous employer called "Boot Camp".  We hired people with little or no computer experience and I trained them in 90 days to be able to provide tech support.  After I ran "Boot Camp" long enough, I trained one of my former trainees to take over "Boot Camp" and I moved on to the IT Department.  In the IT Department, I worked with people who had 3-6 months of computer experience and trained them to be able to perform all the duties that are required to run an IT Department.  After 6 months of that, I had enough people to run the IT Department, and I moved on within the company to the Quality Assurance (QA) Department.  When I became manager of the QA Department, it had been floundering for months.  I worked closely with three employees, all of whom were on the verge of being fired, and converted them into the pride of the company.  I then handed over my role as the QA Manager to my assistant, and moved on to become the Technical Services Department Manager.  In this role, my duties included training and managing not only the Tech Support staff, but also the "Boot Camp", IT, and QA Departments. 

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