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For more than 20 years I have been a Medical Language Specialist.  As such I transcribe medical documents for doctors and hospitals across the country.  It is, therefore, extremely important that my computer equipment is current and up to date.  I have two computers linked to the internet and have been unable to find someone who was knowledgeable enough keep my equipment updated and working properly.  That is . . . until now.

I have found that Robert Jones, of Egghead Computer Repair, is extremely knowledgeable not only in computers, but in my profession as well.  He knows what is needed technically and legally in my line of work.  He was able to install a wireless network (since my new apartment did not have cable into my office) and then link the second computer to the first so that I only needed one terminal, keyboard and desk setup.  It works perfectly.

Then when someone set up a computer in another nearby apartment, I lost my connection on only one of the computers.  He immediately knew what the problem was and was able to fix it in a matter of minutes.  Also when my computer crashed, it was Robert I turned to, and Robert who came immediately to the rescue.  He knows how important my computers are to my livelihood and understands my work.

Robert is now the only one I would allow to come near my computers and the setup I have.  He is prompt, fast, accurate, knowledgeable and about the friendliest computer serviceman I have ever met.  And best of all, he did not make me feel inadequate because I did not know much about the "care and feeding" of my network system.  I would recommend Robert Jones of Egghead Computer Repair if you need anything handled in the computer department. 


Jyl Richardson, MLS
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