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Egghead Computer Services


Standard Services 

Is your computer behaving strangely?  Are you having problems that just don't make sense?  Maybe your computer is infected with virus.  Egghead Computer Repair can help you with this.  We have years of experience, finding, removing, and protecting against viruses, spy-ware and ad-ware. Call before all of your files get infected.

Service calls to your home start at just $60.

Are you getting the infamous "BLUE SCREEN"?  Does your system decide to reboot on its own?  Egghead Computer Repair can help you figure it out.  Seventy-five percent of the time we can tell you what's broken during the free 15 minute phone consultation.  If we can't figure it out over the phone, we'll take 30 minutes off of your bill.  We're so confident that we can help you, if we can't fix it we'll leave and you'll pay NOTHING!
Other Services

Egghead Computer Repair can help you with any computer needs you have.  Here are just a few examples.  Click here to see our prices.

~ High Tech PC Tune-UP
~ Software and OS Upgrades
~ SPAM Elimination
~ POP-UP Prevention
~ Home Networking
~ Computer Upgrades (Video, Memory, Hard Drive, etc.)
~ Backup and Disaster Proofing
~ Internet Filtering
~ Training

    Let us take a crack at your computer problems!

    Egghead Computer Services
    Phone: 480-882-0967 or 602-288-6722

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