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Egghead Computer Services


Rates & Services 

At Eggead, we don't base our prices on what type of CUSTOMER you are, but by what type of SERVICE you need.  So you won't see Home Users Rates & Business Rates catagories. 

e service all types of clients, from home users & home offices to mutliple location corporate accounts, and for basic repairs, they all pay the same.  But larger companies sometimes have more challenging problems that can't be handled by the average "Geek"; for these situations, we offer Enterprise Level Service.  Enterprise Level Service just means that you need a technician with specialized training.  Our Enterprise Level Service techs are all at least Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators.  That means we won't be figuring out how to do our job on your time.  If for some reason, our tech gets into a situation he hasn't seen before, and has to "learn" on the job, we won't bill you for that time.

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    Egghead Computer Services
    Phone: 480-882-0967 or 602-288-6722

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