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Egghead Computer Services


 How are we different than our competitors? 
 What do you do that is different than your competitors?
Most of our competitors only wipe your computer clean and then re-install Windows. If they backup your data, they charge extra for that. At Egghead we can remove about 90% of the viruses without having to wipe your system. This way you don't lose any programs, information or settings.  back to top

 What it if you have to wipe my system?
If, for some reason we have to wipe your system, you will receive a call from us verifying what information needs to be backed up, we then backup your data to our secure server, repair your system, and then restore your data. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.  back to top

 Who works on my computer?
The only person at Egghead that works on your computer is the Owner. You don't have to worry about trusting some questionable teen. Also, all of the drop off locations are staffed by their owners.  back to top

 What is the experience of your technicians?
Unlike some of our "Big Box" competitors that hire teens in high school and college with little to no training to follow basic scripts, the owner of Egghead has been fixing computers for 15 years, and has been the sole technician since 2003. He has fixed over 10,000 computers, and has many high level certifications.  back to top

 Who has access to my data?
Only the owner will ever plug your computer in. The drop off locations staff only receives the computers, and accepts your paperwork and set's them aside for our driver. The drivers only have enough time to pickup the computers and bring them to our shop. No one other than the Owner has access to the computers at the shop.  back to top

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    Egghead Computer Services
    Phone: 480-882-0967 or 602-288-6722

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